JuCad Phantom Manual

JuCad Phantom Manual

JuCad Phantom Manual

The JuCad Phantom manual trolley is gliding over the fairways on its spectacular singlespoke wheels. Fascinating are not only the unique rims with a single spoke but also its innovative design following the theme “round meets square”. The extremely light but sturdy carbon construction makes sure that this manually guided trolley will be a reliable and resilient companion on your rounds of golf. With a simple and convenient folding technology the JuCad Phantom manual reaches within seconds a super flat packing size. Utmost driving comfort is offered by the height adjustable handle bar which leaves your back-muscles relaxed with no strain on the spine. The specially developed JuCad Powerlock allows a simultaneous fixing of the upper bag holder and the handle bar. The trolley is delivered in an extra flat carry bag and with a separate wheel cover. Not only a design object – also perfect down to the detail.

The JuCad Phantom manual is also available with a noble, white finish!


With the innovative folding technique of the JuCad Phantom manual an amazingly flat packing size of only 65x60x8 cm / 25.5x23.5x3.2 inch is reached within seconds.

You receive the Jucad Phantom manual inclusive of a super flat carry bag and a separate wheel cover.

The unique rims with a single spoke but also its innovative design following the theme "round meets square".


  • simultaneous fixing of height adjustable handle bar and upper bag support with special JuCad Powerlock
  • upper and lower folding / turning bag supports
  • manual trolley without motors
  • suitable for any size of golf bag without weight limit
  • high-tech singlespoke wheel rims made of full carbon
  • wheels with interchangeable air-cushion tyres
  • vast choice of wheel and tyre colours at no extra cost
  • amazingly flat packing size due to innovative folding technique
  • umbrella fixing system for JuCad umbrella
  • weight frame and wheels: from 4 kg / 8.8 lb
  • incl. extra flat carry bag and separate wheel cover

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