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Bat-Caddy: Electric golf caddies provide you with a series of benefits, such as improved health and fitness, weight loss, lower handicap and a better overall golf experience, as well as economic benefits due to the saved rental cart fees. On Average a Bat-Caddy pays back for itself within one season considering a $15.00-$20.00 rental cart fee. The caddy basically gives you the experience to play like a Tour Professional, i.e. walking but not having to carry, push or pull and thus avoiding any strain or fatigue which will most definitely impact your golf game. The real question is why should I not use an electric golf caddy and continue to carry my bag or waste money on riding cart rental fees? Please also read our Product Benefits section on our website.

Bat-Caddy: The remote controlled caddy can be operated via a handheld remote transmitter up to 100 yards distance. The manually controlled caddy is also power assisted but steering and speed control needs to be performed manually on the handle, so you will have to walk close to the caddy while operating it. Some of the manual carts have a semi-remote capability called "timed advanced function" whereby you can send the caddy a certain distance forward stopping automatically. The remote controlled caddy can also be manually operated via a seamless rheostat control on the handle. It especially comes in handy when walking off the fairway or after putting, because you don't have to walk back to your cart.

An electric caddy does require some minimal technical understanding and affinity, as it is a rather sophisticated, yet easy to use electrical/mechanical device with moving and wear/consumable parts. Remote controlled carts require a little bit more involvement/touch and forward looking operation than the manual carts, as they will follow the topography of the course. Eventually, wear and consumable parts need to be replaced, so look for a supplier who has all parts in stock, offers technical support and is transparent in parts pricing. Our sincere advice is: if you don't know clockwise from counter clockwise, left from right, plus from a minus battery pole or cannot read instructions or expect pushing a button and the caddy will follow you automatically from the 1st tee to the 19th hole - Don't buy an electric golf caddy!

Bat-Caddy: No! The type of carts that follow you are not widely used anymore. The main disadvantage of the sensor based “Follow-Me” technology is, that it is rather cumbersome to use and often the contact between caddy and operator can be lost depending on walking speed and turning movements of the operator. Because the caddy is driving behind the operator, he/she might not even notice when the contact is lost. In addition one needs to constantly turn the system off and on when hitting a shot or walking to the green to make a putt, and/or switch between Follow-Me and remote function to retrieve them when done putting or going off the fairway. It’s more a reactive system compared to today's widely used proactive direct remote control technology which is more intuitive and easier to use. In summary: Sounds nice in theory but has issues in reality.

Front wheel driven caddies have some distinct disadvantages: Due to the motor being integrated into the front wheel there is additional weight which needs to be lifted when turning. Also the wheel spins when lifted, and the caddy tends to lose traction going uphill. It's also more difficult to repair. The rear wheel drive is definitely the way to go!

Electric caddies are designed for standard cart bags. Carry bags with legs or uneven weight distribution are not very well suitable, as the legs will prevent the bag from being centered or properly affixed causing shifting during operation which will negatively impact the tracking of the cart. Hence, we recommend a standard cart bag with an even oval shape design, possibly with separate club compartments to prevent club shifting and noise, and plenty of pockets to optimize weight distribution in the bag/cart. Recommended dimensions are: 34.5" (minimum height) x 9" (width) x 11" depth. Our bag supports accommodate many different shapes and sizes but the above measurements are ideal dimensions. Bat-Caddy offers a cart bag in our online store.

Bat-Caddy: Bat-Caddy has basically introduced this type of product to a broader audience in the US by lowering the price point and significantly widening the distribution through retailers. Our caddies offer a unique and superior combination and balance of performance features, design, quality, service and value. Bat-Caddy incorporates US and European design and Marketing/Distribution savvy with Asian manufacturing capabilities. Unlike some other brands our caddies are designed as motorized golf caddies from ground up and not just retrofitted push carts. Please refer to our Product Information section for detailed product features and benefits and don't hesitate to compare us to any of our competitors at any level. When purchasing an electric caddy please also always consider the after-sales service. According to many of our customers Bat-Caddy has the industry's best customer service, and response time (Testimonials). Our sincere advice: Never buy this kind of product from amateurs on auction sites other than from our authorized dealers, or from shady/new outfits without real physical addresses or service phone numbers. You want to make sure you get service and parts when you need it during the life of your caddy and warranty back-up as advertised. Check a company's track record, and if they actually have a real physical location. There are various "imitators" on the market who have tried to copy our caddies as well as Marketing strategy, but they are usually years behind and ship out of a "garage". Bat-Caddy is a well established company since 2004 with the appropriate technical and industry certifications required for this type of product, such as the FCC, IC in Canada. We have alliances with other world renowned caddy manufacturers to offer product in even the highest price caddy segments. We are considered the best value in the market with the broadest product offering and best customer service by our nationwide reputable dealers/retailers and consumers. That's why we continue to grow at an amazing pace, despite the current economic climate. We are a global company represented in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia with an array of reputable retailers representing our product line. Don't go for second best!

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