Titanium Non-Electric Golf Caddies

JuCad Titan
JuCad Titan $1,450.00 - $1,550.00
More than just any trolley – this ultra-light unpowered golf trolley in high class satin finish titanium for the discerning golfer is strikingly elegant and of lasting value. The large clip-on wheels running on quadruple ball bearings make driving this trolley especially easy. The height adjustable handle bar allows pushing or pulling that is easy on the back, keeping muscles relaxed. The JuCad Titan trolley is easily folded down to its mini packing size and can be accommodate even in the smallest sports car boot. The flyweight even fits into the Travelcover making it the ideal companion for the air travelling golfer. This sturdy trolley has no weight limit for the golf bag and is also suitable for the heavy bags of a Pro golfer.
JuCad Titan Classic
JuCad Titan Classic $1,304.00
An unbeatable offer which will bring you even more enjoyable and relaxed rounds of golf. The JuCad Titan Classic with its clear design and its convenient folding mechanism presents an enormous comfort. In a few seconds the threewheel push trolley without motor will be ready for the next round of golf. The sturdy trolley is suitable for any golf bag, there is no weight limit. The height adjustable handle bar allows pushing or pulling while your back muscles are relaxed. You will be happy with the lightness and sportiness of this ultra light trolley with its satinfinished titanium surface and its sophisticated high-tech wheels. The JuCad Titan Classic can be supplied with a practical arrester brake which secures the trolley on very hilly golf courses.

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