Titanium Electric Golf Caddies

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Purchase any JuCad Carbon Fiber, Titanium or Stainless Steel Electric Caddy and receive a full complimentary accessory package valued at $895!
(Remote Control, Anti-Tip Wheel, Scorecard Holder, Cup Holder & Travel Bag)

JuCad Phantom Titan
JuCad Phantom Titan $4,860.00
This electric titanium JuCad trolley is moving almost phantom-like over the fairway on its unmatched designer wheels. The elegant singlespoke full carbon rims are a sensation of their own. With these rims and the slender titanium frame, highlighted by the well known single bracked wheel support and the elegant handle bar with stepless speed control, the trolley seems to be floating. The comfortable folding technique allows to bring the trolley within seconds to a super flat packing size and to store it away easily. Utmost driving comfort is guaranteed by the extremely stiff titanium frame, the powerful and noiseless 48V traction system with drive, reverse and neutral functions as well as automatic preset distance button and the optional remote control. Another highlight is the JuCad Powerlock that allows the simultaneous and flexible fixing of the height adjustable handle bar and the upper bag support. The JuCad Phantom Titan will be provided with an extra flat carry bag and a separate wheel cover.
JuCad drive SL Travel eX
JuCad drive SL Travel eX $4,536.00

You will receive our no. 1 trolley – the JuCad drive SL Travel inclusive of the practical JuCad remote control and transport bag at an eXclusive price for the set. The proven JuCad remote control guarantees added enjoyment on the course - our golf equipment is always at the right place and you avoid unnecessary walking. You decide according to the lie of the land whether you want to control your trolley from the handlebar or with the clearly laid-out remote control. On completion of your round the lightweight trolley is quickly and tidily folded for protection in the practical transport bag with its separate compartment for the wheels. The castors and the telescopic handle ensure an easy and comfortable transport.

All further technical highlights of this model correspond to the properties of the JuCad drive SL Travel.

JuCad Drive SL Travel
JuCad Drive SL Travel $4,212.00

Weighing only 5.9 kg / 13 lb the JuCad drive SL Travel is also a flyweight amongst golf trolleys. This super-light electric trolley in high grade titanium with a satin finish surface offers sporting elegance and maximum flexibility. The JuCad drive SL Travel has an additional push-joint to achieve its minuscule travel packing size. Given this folded size it will fit not only into the boot of any sports car but also inside the Travelcover in addition to your golf bag. An environment-friendly high-performance lithium battery provides ample power for up to 45 holes and is invisibly stored inside the golf bag. The intelligent JuCad traction system has a permanent two-wheel drive with two axle integrated high-tech motors plus an electronic braking system giving optimal performance even on steep mountain courses. The comfortable rotary control switch with D=drive, N=neutral and R=reverse functions together with the preset distance option add to the trolley‘s distinctive features. Of course, the elegant electric trolley guarantees despite its low weight absolute stability and it is, like all JuCad models, also suitable for heavy bags.

JuCad drive SL
JuCad drive SL $3,969.00
A perfect combination of timeless design and functionality makes the JuCad drive SL a professional companion on the round of golf. This convenient electric trolley in high-grade titanium offers maximum comfort. With only one push-joint a convenient and flat pack size is achieved in seconds. The JuCad drive SL with its robust construction is a reliable partner on the course and suitable for the heaviest bags – it simply has no weight limit. Its all-wheel drive system powered by two invisible high-tech motors guarantees a quiet and dynamic round even on very hilly courses. The environment friendly power pack is safely stored in your golf bag - the heart of the trolley system is therefore protected from all external influences and the elegant appearance is not spoilt by technicalities. The elegant rotary speed control, the automatic preset distance button and the additional reverse drive guarantee a comfortable round of golf.
JuCad drive SL Classic
JuCad drive SL Classic $3,321.00
The JuCad drive SL Classic Titan is folded down in seconds with only one hand grip and therefore convinces mainly the club golfer. Folded down the lightweight trolley is easily accommodated in any large car. The noble titanium trolley is provided with drive and neutral functions as well as with a preset distance control button (10-20-30m). The intelligent JuCad traction system offers optimal driving ease in any terrain. The stepless drive control makes for comfortable driving and steering combined with its automatic downhill brake. Due to its proven propulsion concept with two non visible high-tech motors this trolley is visually almost indistinguishable from a manual model.
JuCad Phantom Titan eX
JuCad Phantom Titan eX $5,265.00

The JuCad Phantom with its unique singlespoke full carbon rims is now available including high-class equipment at a special price. The electric trolley comes with a practical transportation bag, a remote control, the JuCad parking brake for security even on extremely steep terrains as well as the JuCad charge state display, which indicates the charging condition of the JuCad Powerpack.

The technical characteristics are equal to those of JuCad Phantom Titan.

JuCad Phantom Black on Black
JuCad Phantom Black on Black $5,022.00

Black, noble, classic: this is how the JuCad Phantom black on black beautifies your golf game – just cool! Experience the ultimate driving pleasure with the unmatched features of the JuCad Phantom black on black: unique singlespoke wheel rims made of full carbon, the innovative folding technique granting an amazingly flatpack travel size and the functional JuCad Powerlock system. Two powerful, but silent 48V engines offer utmost flexibility with the functions drive, reverse, neutral and automatic preset distance.

The technical characteristics equate to the JuCad Phantom Titan.

JuCad Ghost Titan
JuCad Ghost Titan $4,212.00

The new electric trolley JuCad Ghost Titan with the two-spoke wheel rims and proven technical JuCad features moves super quiet over the fairways with the latest control and drive technology "brushless".

In addition to the electronic downhill brake, the electronic parking brake ensures for a firm and secure trolley even on extremely steep terrains. With the sturdy T-handle, ambidextrous handling of the trolley is given, providing a secure grip on uneven terrain. In addition, a tilt-adjustable umbrella fixing system is integrated in the T-handle. Particularly useful is the magnetic plug on the charger and – brand new – on the Powerpack and trolley which ensures a very fast and secure connection.

The innovative JuCad Ghost Titan has been awarded the coveted „German Design Award“ , “iF Design Award” and “reddot award” as Winner 2018.


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