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JuCad Putter Titanium
JuCad Putter Titanium $420.00
A unique putting feel is provided by the CNC-cut JuCad titanium putter. The heavy and low weight distribution gives good balance. The head is manufactured from solid titanium with a precision cut putting surface ensuring a reactive feedback to learn from the feel your putt. Available right or left handed, or as a pendulum putter. Delivery with convenient JuCad jumbo putter grip.

Head weight: 450 g. Available in 32-36 inch.
JuCad Putter X900
JuCad Putter X900 $264.00
The noble design of this stainless steel JuCad putter is eye catching. Striking are the CNC-milled face and the dual finish in glare-free mat optic. The middle pin is available in two colours and continues the target line for a precise alignment. The JuCad jumbo putter grip of the X900 ensures a firm hold and provides additional confidence and control on the green. A surprisingly forgiving and easy to play putter for a perfect feeling on the green. The JuCad X900 can be offered with a personal or name engravement (up to 20 characters on each side). With a mat black or mat white pin.

Head weight: 365 g. Available in 32-36 inch.
JuCad Putter X800
JuCad Putter X800 $240.00
The mallet putter X800 with a large head and long target line facilitates your alignment.

Head weight 350 g. Putter length 32 – 36 inch.
JuCad Putter X700
JuCad Putter X700 $240.00
The elegant JuCad putter X700 is heel-toe weighted and offers a perfect feel at the moment of impact.

Head weight: 350 g. Putter length: 32 – 36 inch.
JuCad Putter X600
JuCad Putter X600 $240.00
Classic blade putter with small head. The surface technology ensures a constant rolling behavior of the ball and an optimal distance control.

Head weight: 350 g. Putter length: 23 – 36 inch.
JuCad Putter Grips
JuCad Putter Grips $24.00
Upgrade your putter with this exclusive putter grip. The soft and grippy material ensures a good putting feeling. Wide range of colours, matching most brands and types of putters.

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