Golf Bags

JuCad bag Aquastop
JuCad bag Aquastop $420.00
This sporty and functional featherweight is one of the lightest cart bags and the perfect companion at all weather conditions. The bag Aquastop is made of 100% waterproof fabric and provided with sealed seams, zipper tunnels and high quality YKK zippers to keep your golf equipment dry. The weatherproof bag offers even more in terms of functionality: the full-length 14-way club division with integrated extra large putter tube, numerous expandable compartments and the spacious thermo pocket as well as the convenient umbrella-holder guarantee maximum comfort on every round of golf!
JuCad bag Sydney
JuCad bag Sydney $468.00
The JuCad bag Sydney combines everything, modern and style-conscious golfers appreciate: a classic design, fine materials and practical functions. The 9inch bag is provided with 14 full-length divisions, an integrated putter tube and a cooler pocket, offering enough space for your equipment. With the large external pockets, a removable accessorypouch and the extra compartment for the battery pack you are well equipped for the next round of golf! This exclusive and stylish golf bag is available in a black-white and black-brown leather optic. JuCad bag Sydney – simply chic!
JuCad bag Style
JuCad bag Style $336.00
Due to a modern design with finest materials, the bag series Style has a sporty and at the same time elegant appearance. The 14 full-length club compartments, the external putter tube and the extra-large insulated drinks pocket make the 9-inch bag a functional companion on the golf course. Speaking of functionality: the clip-on accessory pocket, the separate compartment for the JuCad battery and numerous small or large external pockets offer plenty of storage place and simplify a fast access to your golf equipment. The bag hood with integrated rain cover protects your golf bag even in bad weather – the JuCad bag Style guarantees absolutely comfortable rounds of golf!
JuCad bag Professional
JuCad bag Professional $336.00
Play like a Pro with the JuCad bag Professional! This golf bag in extraordinary carbon-leather design fulfills the spatial requirements of the professional player. Additional comfort is guaranteed with the 14- way top with individual full-length divisions which facilitate an easy access to the clubs. A top-integrated carry grip and a rigid front grip allow easy handling of heavy golf equipment.
JuCad bag Function Plus
JuCad bag Function Plus $348.00
Male and female golfers will be equally captivated by the extraordinary design of this bag. The JuCad bag Function Plus is not only an optical highlight, it is also convincing with many practical functions! The well proven light construction of this bag keeps the weight low. Equipped with spacious expandable pockets, a separate compartment for the battery, a large putter well and clip-on purse it offers plenty of space for everything you may need during your round of golf. A practical tee holder device, the softlined valuables pocket, the thermo pocket for bottles and the 14-way full-length divider provide additional comfort. The JuCad bag Function Plus is available in 6 modern designs.
JuCad bag Manager
JuCad bag Manager $312.00
The JuCad bag Manager has a host of features to make a golfer’s life easier. 9 club compartments with club head slots fix every iron in position for immediate availability at all times – clanging club heads are a thing of the past. The additional putter tube guarantees similar quick access. The well configured outer pockets give ample room for all your gear. Further extras like the thermal pocket and the special pocket for the JuCad Powerpack make this bag a true master of all trades.
JuCad bag Spirit
JuCad bag Spirit $264.00
The unmatched lightness of the JuCad bag Spirit is only one of its highlights. The featherweight is provided with an intelligent divider including a soft rubber clip-lock system for the shafts, which keeps the clubs in place for a clear overview. Spacious compartments, thermo pocket, tee holder and rain hood with integrated rain cover add to the accustomed JuCad functionality and comfort.
JuCad bag Waterproof
JuCad bag Waterproof $348.00
The new JuCad bag 2 in 1 Waterproof is a functional master of all trades! The sport featherweight with only 5.3 lb. is manufactured of 100% watertight material and provided with sealed zippers to keep your golf equipment in the dry. Thanks to its intelligent and innovative unfolding mechanism this carry bag can also be placed conveniently and straight on a golf trolley. This bag scores also with practical functions like the 14-way full-length club division, an extra large thermo pocket for drinks and an outlet for the JuCad Powerpack cable when used as a cart bag. The JuCad bag 2 in 1 Waterproof is available in 5 sporting and stylish designs.
JuCad bag Fly
JuCad bag Fly $180.00
This JuCad carry bag scores in all respects, with a first league appearance and functionality. Thanks to its intelligent construction with a practical unfolding mechanism for the stand legs you may either carry it or place it comfortably onto a trolley. An integrated top handle and a lower grab handle make carriage of this 9 inch bag a breeze. A wide and fully padded dual carry strap ensures a comfortable and spine-friendly transport. You will be impressed by the lightweight of only 5.7 lb and the sporty design of this bag model. A spacious full-length apparel pocket, a fleece-lined valuables compartment, a water bottle sleeve plus extra thermo pocket and more compartments offer plenty of space for all your golf gear.
JuCad bag Superlight
JuCad bag Superlight $144.00
This ultra-lightweight carry bag made of resilient nylon fabric is provided with 4 club divisions and a padded double shoulder strap, offering you the usual comfort also in winter, during travels or a quick round of golf. Thanks to its innovative unfolding mechanism this bag can also be placed straight on a cart without the legs being in your way. The padded shoulder strap and the practical upper and lower carry grips assure an easy handling.
JuCad bag Junior
JuCad bag Junior $108.00
The high quality children’s golf bags made of extra light functional materials are characterized by their extreme lightweight and functional design. 10 convenient outer pockets, including cooler pocket for drinks, a soft-lined pocket for valuables, tee and ball holder as well as a clip-on purse, offer utmost comfort for our youngest golfers. The attractive 3-colour design with additional appliqué makes kid‘s hearts leap for joy. 4 convenient carry handles ensure an easy transport.
JuCad Travelcover
JuCad Travelcover $120.00 - $220.00
The manoeuvrable and extremely hard-wearing JuCad travel covers ensure that your golf equipment is travelling securely! Your JuCad trolley fits together with your golf bag inside the JuCad travelcover. Suitable for all JuCad manual and electric trolleys with a folding measure of 25.5x13.5x5.9 inch or 25.5x23.5x5.9 inch.

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