Carbon Fiber Electric Golf Caddies

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Purchase any JuCad Carbon Fiber, Titanium or Stainless Steel Electric Caddy and receive a full complimentary accessory package valued at $895!
(Remote Control, Anti-Tip Wheel, Scorecard Holder, Cup Holder & Travel Bag)

JuCad Phantom Carbon
JuCad Phantom Carbon $4,455.00
The JuCad Phantom Carbon is a true design object. Thanks to the modern and precious carbon material this model is even more innovative in design, following the slogan: square meets round! A specially futuristic look is created by the unique singlespoke full carbon wheels of the JuCad Phantom Carbon – its uncompared elegance on the fairway will be hard to beat ! Thanks to the convenient folding mechanism a superflat packing size is reached within seconds. Maximum driving comfort is guaranteed by the extremely stable full carbon frame, the powerful and silent 48V propulsion system with forward, reverse and neutral functions as well as the optional remote control. The specially developed JuCad Powerlock allows a simultaneous fixation of the upper bag holder and the handle bar. Also for the charging process a revolutionary technology is applied to make charging faster and safer: the contacts are fixed magnetically and when "unplugged" the charging port is without electric power. The JuCad Phantom Carbon comes with a super slim carry bag.
JuCad Carbon Travel
JuCad Carbon Travel $3,418.00
This carbon electric trolley in the elegant JuCad design is built in an elaborate production process of a carbon fibre composite material. Thanks to its extremely robust full carbon frame, which was specially designed by us for the particular demands on the golf course, this trolley features absolute stability despite its low weight of only 5.8 kg / 12.8 lb. The JuCad Carbon Travel trolley has a second push-fit connection to achieve a mini packing size for voyages. It is an ideal air travel companion and can be stowed in the JuCad Travelcover together with your golf bag – you travel only with a single piece of luggage. The stepless speed control, the automatic preset distance function and the quiet all-wheel drive train with its two high-performance motors make every round of golf a pleasurable experience. The JuCad remote control is an available option and would avoid unnecessary walking distances for an even more enjoyable round of golf.
JuCad USA $1,191.00 - $4,552.00
These special edition trolleys were carefully lacquered in a complex process to receive their eye-catching look in the legendary colours of the American flag. The JuCad USA models are a must-have for every US fan! Technical highlights of these true stars on the fairways are a minimal weight combined with maximum stability, a small and practical packing size and two invisible high-tech motors inside the axle for powerful and comfortable round of golf. The technical features of the USA editions are equal to their equivalents to the JuCad Phantom Carbon, JuCad Carbon Travel or the JuCad Carbon 3-wheel model.
JuCad Special
JuCad Special $1,191.00 - $3,564.00
This trolley is the latest JuCad model in legendary racing colours. Its elegant design is one of a kind: the noble shimmering black surface of the trolley is refined with gold coloured details. But the JuCad Special is not only visually remarkable, with only 5.8kg / 12.8 lb weight and two powerful motors the trolley promises pure formula 1 feeling! This special edition is limited worldwide and can be provided with the desired frame number. The JuCad Special is available in a motorized and an unpowered version. Its technical characteristics are equal to those of JuCad Carbon Travel or the JuCad Carbon 3-wheel model.
JuCad Carbon Drive
JuCad Carbon Drive $3,013.00
The JuCad trolley Carbon Drive with its unique lustrous carbon surface is characterized by its user friendly technology and high quality finish. The elegant silhouette of the full carbon frame is free from the clutter of visible cables, battery or motors, which leaves it not obvious as an electric trolley. With only 5.5 kg / 12 lb this lightweight proves to be an absolute front-runner in the electric trolley league. Yet, this model has no weight limit for the golf bag. The stepless rotary speed control activates all movement as part of the proven JuCad technology to ensure comfortable ease of use. The powerful drive train can maintain the level of comfort even on moun-tainous region golf courses. After your game the trolley can quickly be taken apart for stowage in the carry bag or in the boot of your car.
JuCad Carbon Classic
JuCad Carbon Classic $3,240.00
The JuCad Carbon Classic is the perfect combination of function, sportiness and modern design at an attractive special price of 2,990.- EUR! This model comes with a full carbon frame which can quickly be folded and stowed in your trolley box – the perfect solution for any club golfer. With a packing size of 65x60x20 cm / 25.5x23.5x7.8 inch the allrounder fits into any large car. In spite of its light weight of only 5.8 kg / 12.8 lb the carbon frame stands for an extraordinary sturdiness. There is no weight limit for golf bags. The elegant trolley is supplied with a high performance lithium battery which provides the capacity for 2 complete rounds of golf and more. The proven and simple operation with the stepless rotary speed control and the built in automatic cruise control make your round of golf even more comfortable.
JuCad Racing
JuCad Racing $1,191.00 - $3,564.00
The two JuCad Racing models in iconic racing design advocate pure sportiness. Also from a technical point of view they guarantee a 100% racing feeling with their unbeatable lightness of only 5,8 kg and their two powerful motors. The special editions JuCad Racing White and JuCad Racing Grey are limited worldwide and each trolley can be provided with the desired frame number. With these two sports cars, the maximum driving pleasure during your round of golf is guaranteed! The JuCad Racing models are available in a motorized and an unpowered version. Their technical characteristics are equal to those of JuCad Carbon 3-wheel model or JuCad Carbon Travel.
JuCad Phantom Carbon White
JuCad Phantom Carbon White $4,455.00
The JuCad Phantom Carbon White is a sublime, elegant and stylish appearance on the fairways. Unique singlespoke full carbon wheels and an incomparable design with all white finish make this trolley model an eye-catcher on every round of golf. Simply enjoy perfect trolley art! The JuCad Phantom Carbon White meets also technically any golfer’s dreams: a convenient folding mechanism guarantees an extra flat packing size, two invisibly integrated high-tech motors as well as forward, reverse, neutral and automatic preset distance functions ensure a dynamic game of golf while the revolutionary JuCad Powerlock system allows a simultaneous fixing of the height adjustable handle bar and the upper bag support. The new JuCad Phantom Carbon White is a class of its own with regard to its technical features and design!
JuCad Camouflage
JuCad Camouflage $1,191.00 - $3,564.00

This cool golf trolley will be THE eye-catcher on the fairway! The electric JuCad Travel model with its superlight carbon frame comes with a black basic coating and a camouflage artwork in red, grey and green on top. The stylish but still classy look is completed with the matching JuCad bag.

Like all electric JuCad trolleys, this model comes with two powerful engines which are concealed inside the axle, while the battery is hidden in the golf bag. With its well-proven mini packing size and the ultra-light weight, the JuCad Camouflage equates to the technical characteristics of the JuCad Carbon Travel.

The JuCad Camouflage is also available as an unpowered version. Its technical characteristics are equal to the JuCad Carbon 3-wheel model.

JuCad Europe
JuCad Europe $3,564.00
With this JuCad special edition in legendary European flag design, you are completely up-to-date! The extremely sturdy carbon frame of the trolley is lacquered in a very complex process, while the unique continent design is a real eye-catcher! This JuCad trolley is a must-have for every fan of stars! Due to its technical characteristics, this trolley is a real star on the fairway: maximum stability at a minimum weight, a mini-packing size and two powerful motors, which are integrated in the trolley axle, guarantee high-class driving comfort during your round of golf! The technical features of this model are equal to those of the JuCad Carbon Travel.
JuCad GT
JuCad GT $1,191.00 - $3,564.00
This sports car arouses the passion of Le Mans during your round of golf! The JuCad GT is manufactured from a full carbon frame and offers you the dynamics and technology of the racing world. The legendary blue and orange design magically captivates the golfer and offers 100% Formula 1 feeling! The unique JuCad style with clear lines and the elegant, but stable free-running wheels is maintained. This special edition of a JuCad Carbon Travel is limited worldwide and each trolley can be provided with the desired frame number. This trolley guarantees a veritable racing feeling on the golf course – experience the maximum driving pleasure with proven JuCad technology! The JuCad GT is available in a motorized and unpowered version. Its technical characteristics are equal to those of JuCad Carbon 3-wheel or the JuCad Carbon Travel.

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