Caddy Accessories

JuCad Remote Control
JuCad Remote Control $486.00
The trolley can be controlled at any time either by the stepless turning control on the handle or with the clearly layed-out remote control for movement in any direction. Your golf equipment is therefore always at the right place sparing you unnecessary walking. Every JuCad remote control has its own unique transmission code to prevent misdirection – beyond the transmission range the trolley will come to an automatic halt. The JuCad remote control is an optional extra for all JuCad electric trolleys.
JuCad Wheels & Wheel Rims
JuCad Wheels & Wheel Rims $144.00

Show your colours with the modern JuCad wheel. The original JuCad wheels are available in many colour combinations designed to match the exclusive JuCad golf bags. Rim and tyre colours can be freely combined, whithout surcharge. The JuCad wheel has a tyre profile specially geared for golf course conditions – the tyres can be changed at any time.

Includes one pair of wheels/rims for standard electric caddies (Drive, Travel). NOT compatible with Phantom models.

JuCad Winter Sleeves
JuCad Winter Sleeves $60.00
JuCad winter sleeves allow you a comfortable and secure round of golf even in the cold season. The rubber spikes on the tires reduce ground contact by up to 75%, which allows a fairway-friendly driving and prevents spinning of the wheels. The 2 winter sleeves can be drawn quickly and easily over the rear wheels of your JuCad trolley.
JuCad Scorecard Holder
JuCad Scorecard Holder $120.00
A practical accessory for your trolley. Not only protects your scorecard, but keeps also important accessories such as balls, tees and pencil always at hand. The rain proof cover is provided with stainless steel hinges and a magnetic closure. Available in various colours.
JuCad Golf Umbrella
JuCad Golf Umbrella $114.00
A colourful companion in any weather. The extra lightweight and large JuCad golf umbrella will protect you in any weather conditions, and will bring colour onto the golf course even when the sky is grey and gloomy. The umbrella is equipped with a pin and a wind strap and is simply plugged onto the JuCad trolley handle. A separate umbrella holder is not needed.
JuCad telescopic umbrella
JuCad telescopic umbrella $150.00
The JuCad golf umbrella is also available with a teles-copic pin which allows an up to 5.9 inch stepless enlargement of the shaft and thus enables also tall golfers to stand upright and relaxed underneath the mounted umbrella. The telescopic pin can be engraved with your name.
JuCad Carry Bag
JuCad Carry Bag $90.00 - $120.00
Robust and compact carry bag.
JuCad Transport Bag
JuCad Transport Bag $172.00
Reinforced transport bag with wheels and telescopic handle, also suitable for air travels.
JuCad Smart Phone & GPS Support
JuCad Smart Phone & GPS Support $72.00
Simply fix your smart phone or GPS system to the trolley when going for a round of golf. Suitable for all JuCad models.
JuCad GPS System Support
JuCad GPS System Support $48.00
For other GPS devices we recommend the JuCad holder with velcro fixing, ensuring a firm hold.
JuCad Charger w/ USB Connector
JuCad Charger w/ USB Connector $144.00
The JuCad charger with USB connector provides power during the entire round of golf. Smart phones, GPS systems or watches as well as distance meters with UBS cable can be easily charged on the JuCad Powerpack.
JuCad Mobile Docking Station
JuCad Mobile Docking Station $144.00
The mobile docking station enables you to charge the JuCad Powerpack during your car journey.
JuCad Dog Leash
JuCad Dog Leash $50.00
The elegant dog holder with automatic retractor system avoids entangling of the leash and always keeps the right distance. Length: 25.9 inch, includes spring hook. Suitable for all JuCad models.
JuCad Golfer Seat
JuCad Golfer Seat $370.00
The superlight JuCad titanium golfer stool with real leather seat can easily be clipped to the trolley and is instantly available when needed. Can be engraved with your name. Delivery including nylon transport cover.
JuCad Carbon Golfer Seat
JuCad Carbon Golfer Seat $321.00
The extremely light JuCad golfer stool made of full carbon is equipped with a high-quality and weather resistant seating. It can be easily mounted to your JuCad trolley and comes inside a practical nylon transport cover.
JuCad Cigar Holder
JuCad Cigar Holder $96.00
That's got style! The JuCad holder for cigars and cigarettes made of satin-finish stainless steel can be used single-handed. Suitable for all JuCad trolleys.
JuCad Ashtray
JuCad Ashtray $92.00
The handmade JuCad titanium ashtray is simply used as a bag clip-on. Can be engraved with your name.
JuCad Bottle Support
JuCad Bottle Support $18.00
The practical bottle holder keeps your drinks always at your fingertips. Suitable for all JuCad trolleys, easy self-assembly.

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